Nick Martone


I first met Kelee when she started teaching in Roslyn about 6 months ago. Her wonderful personality, engaging smile and enthusiastic professional teaching style make each and every class truly enjoyable and a total workout. She was always available to answer any questions whether before and after class. Her positive encouraging attitude kept me coming back for classes whenever she was teaching. I wish her all the best in opening her own studio and eagerly look forward to taking her classes again.

Ingrid D. Archaga

"I just wanted to tell you that I went to the dr today for my lab results. He was impressed with my numbers, ekg, and blood pressure. I have high blood pressure and it was the lowest I've had in years 117/80.
He was like whatever your doing keep it up. The only big change I can think of is hot yoga and your studio. Thank you bc I do notice a change in myself and it's a positive one. Xo"

Adrianne Davis

"Ash yoga is the quintessential yoga experience. Kelee, the owner and one of the instructors, is warm and engaging. Kelee's passion for the practice is infectious and her fun teaching style makes her classes flow effortlessly. She and her staff are professional, knowledgeable and always available to clients. The studio itself is cheerful, bright, super clean and the space inspires a peaceful and positive experience. I am so glad to call ASH YOGA my new yoga home"

Glenn Taylor

"WOW! I started doing Hot Yoga 2 weeks ago...the changes have been LIFE changing and amazing! i was having lower back issues, sciatica and i felt weak! I have been getting used to the tightening of my muscles, inflexibility and the other attributions for being in my mid 40's....Good/Great News! for those of you who know me...i cannot keep my mouth shut when something WORKS!!!!! after only 2 weeks..i feel like am a lot more looser and flexible... (i felt like i had a wet t-shirt on inside my body!!) ..i have way more ENERGY!!!!!! my thoughts are more organized...!!! making better eating decisions...i look forward to every class...i have miles to go, but im on my way....40 minutes into the first class i was definitely walking close the edge of death...so i just laid on my back and until i got my breathe back...and then rejoined the class...i STRONGLY suggest you try it if you feel or felt like i did! it works!! im not going to lie....i was smelling straight ammonia sweat in my nose..the good news is that those toxins are not in me anymore!!! i feel so good that i have referred at least 10 of my friends and they are having the same results!! we are born soft and pliable....most of us die tight and rigid... what's to learn from that?? so put your ego aside and try it...!"
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