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We are OPEN!!! We still have 2 online meditations per week and a video Library on our website! All in studio Members get unlimited online classes.

Meditations, Bikram Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, HIIT, Non Heated Classes, Meditation, Barre, Hells Bells, Yin Yoga, 

Inferno Hot Pilates, Kundalini Yoga, Inferno LAB (Legs abs and butt)

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The in studio 10 Class card is $222 Monthly auto pay is $69 for the 1st Month and $163 (under contracts)

ASH Family Motto : "Getting Happy Healthy, Together with a smile"

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Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Meditation, Non Heated Classes, Eating Plans and more in Babylon, NY.

Ash Hot Yoga of Babylon, NY Presents Bikram Hot Yoga Classes

Inferno Hot Pilates Classes Feel Your Best, Get Stronger & Heal From Within

* Vinyasa Hot Yoga Classes *

Turn up the heat on your exercise practice or try a non heated class at Ash Hot Yoga in Babylon, NY with Bikram Yoga, Meditation, Non heated classes, HIIT Barre, Vinyasa Hot Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates Classes. Enjoy the amazing healing benefits of the ancient practice of yoga and the more contemporary practice of Pilates. Our state-of-the-art Suffolk County yoga facilities provide a beautiful, comfortable setting for beginners as well as experienced yoga and Pilates practitioners.

• Heated Exercise Rooms For Maximum Results
• Energy-Efficient System Refreshes & Disinfects the Air
• Dozens of Morning, Afternoon, Evening, & Weekend Classes - open 7 days a week
• 45, 60 & 90-Minute Classes
• Skilled & Caring Instructors
• Private Sessions Available• Beginners Welcome
• No Judgment, Just Results

New Non Heated classes, Mindset Coaching & Meditation Room Available!

Kelee and her staff are professional, knowledgeable, and always available to clients. The studio itself is cheerful, bright, super clean, and the space inspires a peaceful and positive experience.

-- Adrienne Davis, Client"


Bikram Hot Yoga

The Bikram Hot Yoga Classes in our Babylon, NY yoga studio feature 26 Hatha Yoga Postures, or “Asanas,” and two breathing exercises. Bikram is created especially for Americans and people from Western cultures who suffer from stress, addictions, low self-esteem, obesity, back pain and many other problems. Our Bikram Hot Yoga Classes deliver additional health benefits in our heated rooms…

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Some Benefits of Bikram and Hot Yoga:

Weight Loss


Heals Back Pain

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Normalizes Blood Pressure

Improves Lung Function

Reverses Arthritis

Reverses Aging Process


The breath-synchronized movements of Vinyasa Hot Yoga Classes in our Babylon, NY yoga studio help you explore different postures that move through the power of your inhalations and exhalations. The focus in our Suffolk County yoga studio is to elevate the heart rate, encourage oxygenation, align the body, and foster a healthy range of motion plus many more benefits…

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Some Benefits:

Trains the mind (reduces bad habits)

Helps Depression

Increases Energy

Relieves Migraines

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Helps Spine Alignment

Inferno Hot Pilates

Fun and challenging, Inferno Hot Pilates Classes in our Babylon, NY yoga studio provide low-impact, high-intensity workouts for your entire body performed to energetic, motivating music. Get ready for an amazing journey with Inferno Hot Pilates Classes at our Suffolk County yoga studio and experience health benefits like these…

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Some Benefits:

Weight Loss

Burn Maximum Calories


Improve Flexibility

Strengthens and Tones Muscles

Get Ready for Your First Class!

At Ash Hot Yoga in Babylon, NY, our clean and comfortable environment and caring staff will make sure you enjoy your first workout. Check our Schedule of Classes. Then read our brief Beginners Guide to learn how to prepare for your first class. 

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