ASH Evolution Trainings – Learn NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy for your Personal Development or build your own Coaching Business.

We are committed to Excellence at ASH, Your excellence. You will learn to communicate with that unconscious part of you and in turn truly ascend to your greatest potential. Maybe you have achieved great success and happiness in life and your career and looking to get to the next level. Maybe you are ready for a big change in career, relationship, or just curious about your own personal development.

Our graduates grow their coaching business, create abundance in health, wealth and their spiritual life. So they not only achieve a successful business, they use these tools in all areas of their life.

You will gain influence working with others, master your craft, solve problems, heal trauma, master your mind, achieve goals, communicate better with staff/family/friends, control the connection between your mind, emotions, and behavior. Learn how to easily get out of negative states, Erase self-doubt, eliminate food cravings.

AT ASH Hot Yoga Healing and Wellness, we are committed to overall human awakening. Over the last 4 years Kelee Zaccardi has studied and combined her knowledge of Yoga, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Quantum Healing and Hypnosis to create the ultimate evolution program.

Kelee Zaccardi is a master in her field and has spent years with studying human behavior. If you are serious about change and ready to build that bridge between the conscious and unconscious email us. Her mission is to get more people living a congruent life, that feels happy, free and fulling.

Upcoming Trainings Schedule

ASH Evolution FasTrak Practitioner Training - You will be certified in NLP by ABNLP &  Time Line Therapy Association.

2023 Dates to be announced


26&2 Teacher Training with intro to NLP

Learn to teach Hot Yoga and NLP Techniques.

2023 Dates to be announced.


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