About Us

Originally from Jamaica, Kelee moved to the U.S in 1999 to pursue a Business degree. By December 2013 she had been working full time in Manhattan for 11 years doing sales and marketing for an IT firm. She was very active did CrossFit, high intensity workouts 5 days a week and ran half marathons or 5 ks most weekends. She had a home on Long Island, a wonderful husband, a high paying job, two beautiful daughters and a German Sheppard but somehow something was missing. In 2013 she found herself going through a state of depression and decided to give yoga a third try. She had tried yoga twice before and always felt like it was a waste of time that could’ve been used for a workout. This time the experience was quite different. It was very challenging both mentally and physically. She struggled through class sat out many postures but made it to the end. Even though it was difficult she realized she felt good after class and took the teachers advice to come back. After going almost every day for the next 30 Days she lost weight, had energy and felt mentally balanced. After a short 3 months everything in her life changed. Nine months later she quit her career and began her yoga journey which eventually led to India.


After completing her Yoga teacher training in India with the founder of Bikram Yoga Kelee returned to the U.S ready to share what she had learnt. However she was not offered a teaching position at the studio closest to her home. She started traveling to different studios meeting people and teaching the yoga that changed her life. The more she talked to people the more she realized that there were not enough studios in her area. She also wanted to create a better heating system that wouldn’t need to be adjusted during class ensuring students get 100% of the teachers attention. Many people need this yoga and it was still not readily available to them. Many of her friends and family were suffering from back pain, stress and strain. She decided to build Ash Hot Yoga Babylon to help people that were still unaware of the benefits. Some people in West Islip and surrounding areas in Babylon have stopped practicing due to lack of facilities. Ash Hot Yoga Babylon is a sanctuary for all people in the area. It is a clean safe place, for people to come together, make friends and heal. We are warm and welcoming with only the best teachers to teach yoga the “right way”. The focus is always the students and Alignment. Many students are not being taught the “right way” and it is our mission to change that.

Even though the focus is on Hot Yoga we have decided to add some other classes to the studio. Vinyasa and Pilates classes help us to strengthen other muscles also gives students the opportunity to learn new postures and deepen their practice. At Ash Hot Yoga Babylon there is something for everyone. Come in today and let the healing begin.

Our Heating System

The environment in our studio is maintained by a specialty system designed by Tal Banayan. This system continuously disinfects the air and refreshes it immediately after each class. There is also a constant air exchange flow during each class. We also have a germicidal light built to disinfect the air from germs, viruses and all living organisms. The system combines Tal’s technical knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher. He became a certified instructor in 2002 and has been working on “the Perfect heat” once he realized the inconsistency and unsafe heating systems is the industry. This system operates on a propriety concept, providing consistent climate conditions while reducing energy consumption. Due to the sophisticated electronic control, teachers can focus on students and never worry about the heat.