Bikram Hot Yoga Classes, Babylon, NY, Suffolk County

Turn up the heat and enjoy the unique health benefits of Bikram Hot Yoga Classes at Ash Hot Yoga, Babylon, NY. Step into our heated exercise room set at 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. The ancient practice of Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago where temperatures can reach as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bikram Hot Yoga Classes

Our 90-minute Bikram Hot Yoga Classes are conveniently located in Suffolk County and feature a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures known as “Asanas” and two breathing exercises. The focus is on one posture at a time, held for a few seconds, then released, followed by resting before beginning the next posture.

Bikram Hot Yoga is finally getting more recognition in the Western world. Research studies reveal the additional health benefits of practicing yoga in a heated room. Even other types of yoga have started to add heat to classes to maximize the workout for participants.

"WOW! I started doing Hot Yoga two weeks ago... I was having lower back issues, sciatica, and I felt weak! The changes have been LIFE changing and amazing!” – Glenn Taylor

Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Heal Your Body From the Inside Out

Performing Bikram Hot Yoga in a hot, humid room warms your muscles, increasing your flexibility and helps you stretch easily without risk of injury. And that’s just the beginning.

The 105-degree heat and 40% humidity of our Bikram Hot Yoga Classes in Babylon deliver a long list of health and wellness benefits to help your body heal from the inside out, such as:

Increases respiration
Opens blood vessels, allowing thinner oxygenated blood to rush to organs
Increases lung capacity and efficiency
Delivers cleaner blood to your lungs for purification
Releases toxins
Strengthens immune system
Balances hormones
Balances blood sugar
Burns more calories
Heals tissues, making it easier for the heart to pump blood

Dramatic, Life-Changing Results with Bikram Hot Yoga Classes in Suffolk County

Many other physical activities cause serious injuries, lifelong pain, and suffering. Hot Yoga heals from the inside out, ending years of suffering for many students of all ages. By learning to heal yourself in our classes, you may avoid pain, expensive surgeries, medical bills and expensive prescriptions which might create more problems than they solve.

In addition to gaining strength, endurance, and increased mobility, students in Suffolk County Bikram Hot Yoga Classes have been able to:

Reverse arthritis by rebuilding cartilage
Increase bone density
Prevent spinal diseases and heal spine
Normalize body weight
Improve digestive health
Re-shape the body
Create mind-body balance
Ease stress
Reverse the aging process

Mind-Body Balance Helps Prevents Disease

Medical science has found a strong link between stress and diseases ranging from mental disorders to cancers and other life-threatening diseases. Bikram Hot Yoga Classes create the right balance for a healthy, happy life.

"Kelee and her Ash Hot Yoga staff are professional, knowledgeable, and always available to clients. The studio itself is cheerful, bright, super clean, and the space inspires a peaceful and positive experience." - Adrienne Davis

Cross-Training with Bikram Hot Yoga Classes in Babylon

If your main passion is running, cycling, weight lifting, or other sports, you’ll enjoy the cross-training benefits of a challenging, heat-charged Hot Yoga workout. Inferno Hot Pilates enthusiasts tell us our workouts are addictive and lots of fun.

No Judgement. Just Results

There is no judgment in our Bikram Hot Yoga Classes. All yoga postures are beginner postures, yet they can be physically challenging at first. With practice, you can master them and enjoy a great workout while healing your organs, tendons, and ligaments without damaging your joints.

Ash’s Bikram Hot Yoga Classes in Babylon, NY is a place to heal. Just by doing as little as you can day by day, you will still receive all the medical benefits. Come in today and let the healing begin.

Ash Hot Yoga’s Superior Heating System

Enjoy maximum benefits from your workout, thanks to our proprietary heating system. Unlike other hot yoga and hot Pilates facilities, Ash Hot Yoga in Suffolk County provides a finely tuned, energy-efficient system of consistent climate conditions. Our system refreshes the air after each class and continuously disinfects the air from germs, viruses, and all living organisms.

Get Ready for Your First Class!

At Ash Hot Yoga, Babylon, NY, our comfortable state-of-the-art environment and caring instructors will make sure you enjoy your first workout. Check our Schedule of Classes. Then read our brief Beginners Guide to learn how to prepare for your first class.