We have at least 3 live streamed classes per day. It is very easy to keep a regular practice if you can't make the in person classes. Very easy to sign up just select Online class on schedule and receive a link from Fitgrid in your email, click the link which takes you to zoom and you will feel as if you are right there in class with your Ash Family. Taped classes are great but live classes are even better. Choose from:



Inferno Hot Pilates


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Hot Yoga Classes

Our hot yoga classes are Bikram Style. Bikram Hot Yoga is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. These postures are called Asanas. The ancient practice of Yoga originated in India over 5000 years ago where temperatures can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The room is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. The focus is on one posture at a time where you hold for a few seconds then release and rest before doing another. The heat allows you to be more flexible as warm muscles can stretch more easily without risk of injury. The heat also increases respiration, opens blood vessels allowing thinner oxygenated blood to rush to organs. The heat also increases lung capacity, releases toxins, and helps you to burn more calories. Hot Yoga is finally getting more recognition in the Western world. Due to research, we are finally learning the health benefits of practicing these Hatha Asanas in a heated room. Even other types of yoga have started to add heat to classes.
The benefits of doing Hot Yoga are astounding. Your lungs get cleaner blood for purification. You heal the tissues which makes the heart work less hard to pump blood. You also gain physical strength and endurance, cures arthritis by rebuilding cartilage, prevents spinal diseases and heals spine, creates balance between the body and mind, balances blood sugar, increases mobility, increases bone density, increases efficiency of the lungs, normalizes body weight and shapes body, Eases stress and creates mental stability, minimizes risk of cardiovascular disease, balances hormones, helps digestive health, strengthens the immune system and reverses aging process. This is only the beginning as medical science is finally catching up to yoga therapy allowing more people to gain knowledge and practice.

The postures are physically challenging at first but with constant practice you can learn to master postures getting a great workout while healing your organs, tendons and ligaments all without damaging your joints. Many other physical activities cause serious injuries and lifelong pain and suffering. Hot Yoga heals from the inside out ending years of suffering for many students. By learning to heal yourself in this class you may avoid pain, expensive surgeries, medical bills, and expensive prescriptions which tend to have side effects that only cause more internal problems and other diseases.

Medical science has also found a link between stress and diseases. This includes mental disorders as well as internal problems such as cancers. Diseases form when there is an imbalance in the body, but hot yoga creates that balance allowing you to live a healthy and happy life. There is no judgment in the hot yoga room. This is a place to heal so by just doing as little as you can do day by day you are still receiving all the medical benefits. All postures are beginner postures so come in today let the healing begin.

Vinyasa Yoga

Our Vinyasa classes are both heated and Non Heated. Hot Vinyasa Classes are typically 60 minutes long and performed in warm temperature about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike Hatha postures performed in Bikram or Hot yoga, Vinyasa is done in a flow. It is a fluid practice that gives students a chance to explore different postures through intuitive sequencing. This sequence is combined with breath co-ordination. The focus is to elevate the heart rate, encourage oxygenation of the body and increase or maintain healthy range of motion. The focus is on alignment through a flow which creates liberation in movement as students explore their practice. As a student we encourage you to explore both styles building strength endurance and yourself image. These classes are designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Men and women love it, and all fitness levels are welcome.

Inferno Hot Pilates

Inferno Hot Pilates is a fun, full body workout created by Gabi Walters of IHP Las Vegas. Classes are usually 45/60 minutes long and performed in a heated room about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot Pilates is fun yet challenging, full body low impact high intensity workout and is done to very energetic, motivating music. ASH Hot Yoga Fitness and Wellness Center was the first studio on Long Island to introduce this class. We were also the first studio to add the level 2 Inferno Hot Pilates with weights and bands. Students can expect to burn maximum calories without the pounding on joints that occurs with high impact workouts. Our mission is to find the best fitness classes that will keep the body strong and at the same time keeping you healthy.


Reclaim your energy with guided meditations so you can function at your best. Need a reset from the week? Allow yourself to release and heal. We change the topics for each meditation depending on the moon or group interest. These are all guided meditations done by Danielle Meill so whether you are an experienced meditator or new to your practice just show up and get ready to be inspired and connect to your deeper self.