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Finding Purpose and Focus in Bikram Hot Yoga

How did Bikram Hot Yoga save the life of this Massapequa resident? Click here to read an article titled "New ...
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Burning to Know More About Hot Yoga? Here’s How It Can Boost Your Health

Hot yoga is a trend sweeping across the United States, but what is it? How do you get involved? If ...
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How Hot Yoga Can Help You Relieve Your Stress

hot yoga class
Life can be super stressful. The stress can lead to lack of sleep, forgetfulness, and overeating. How can we relieve ...
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Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Myths vs. Facts Top 10

Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Posture
Top 10 Most Common Myths about Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Myth #1: I’m Not Flexible Enough Feeling stiff and inflexible is ...
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Yoga: What it means to me.

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga now for a few years now, and I have seen my practice and life ...
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Yoga: I want to take my first hot yoga class.

  Yoga: Where do I start? Yoga is about you. It is about spending time with yourself and taking care ...
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Why the Heat in your Hot Yoga or Pilates Classes?

Hot Yoga
bow pose "Why the heat?" "What is Hot Yoga?""Why is the room Hot?" "Can we just do regular Yoga?" Let's ...
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