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Burning to Know More About Hot Yoga? Here’s How It Can Boost Your Health

Hot yoga is a trend sweeping across the United States, but what is it? How do you get involved? If you’re looking to heal your body or mind as you improve your strength and flexibility, taking hot yoga classes might be the perfect activity for you.

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is a form of yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s. It blends traditional yoga techniques with a heated, humid environment built to stimulate sweat. Bikram hot yoga classes are heated to a temperature of 35 to 42 degrees Celsius, or nearly 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are sick or sensitive to heating conditions, this style of yoga might not be right for you. To truly engage in Bikram hot yoga, the instructors must be Bikram trained before they are able to teach others and incorporate their own methodologies into the class. Typically, local hot yoga classes will go through 26 asanas.

How does hot yoga benefit me?

Bikram hot yoga is great for weight loss. In fact, in a controlled 48-week study, hot yoga participants lost more subcutaneous fat than the stretching group and were able to retain the weight loss after the program ended. This style of yoga improves flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health, and balance. Additionally, some studies show that raising your core body temperature can subdue symptoms of depression. Bikram has also been shown to really ease symptoms of arthritis, back pain, asthma and so much more.

While true Bikram hot yoga classes are led by those who are Bikram certified, many others have modified their teachings using this hot yoga as a guide for their practice.

Where can I get started?

Look for hot yoga deals in your area and don’t be afraid to visit a local hot yoga studio if you have any questions. Before you go to your first lesson, however, be sure to drink a lot of water the day before. Bring a bottle of water with you to retain your fluids and remember to rest frequently and go at your own pace when you take your first hot yoga class.

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Why the Heat in your Hot Yoga or Pilates Classes?

Hot Yoga
bow pose

“Why the heat?” “What is Hot Yoga?””Why is the room Hot?” “Can we just do regular Yoga?”

Let’s Examine:

1. How it Began

2. Benefits of exercising in the heat

Hot Yoga/Bikram Yoga
This is the original hot yoga it is done at 105 Degrees with 40% humidity. Bikram Choudhury, who was told he would never walk again decided to increase the temperature and humidity when doing these postures. By doing this he was able to heal himself and eventually millions of other people all over the world. Yoga originated in India where temperatures naturally reach over 100 degrees hence adding the heat created the natural environment where these postures started. In Bikram Yoga we do the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every class, this allows practitioners to also get into an even deeper meditation. All Bikram Yoga postures are beginner postures so no matter the age or flexibility everyone can do this class.

Some Benefits of Adding Heat
In order to practice yoga and pilates postures safely the heat is extremely necessary, for starters it is much safer than stretching muscles in a cold room. Warm muscles are more flexible and allows the body to go further hence getting maximum benefits. This means you will not only burn more fat but speed up breakdown of glucose and fatty acids. It also, thins blood which flushes the circulatory system. The Heat helps to opens capillaries allowing high speed oxygenated blood to go to muscles, tissues, glands. It also helps to detox the body flushing waste and toxins out through the surface of your skin which is the bodies largest organ. Hot Yoga can heal old injuries developed from running, biking, weight lifting and other activities that have high impact on the joints. The key focus is always healing and alignment.

Our Hot room is not as hot as a hot tub and much lower compared to a sauna. As your body acclimates to the heat day by day you will reap lifelong benefits as you reverse the aging process. At ASH Hot Yoga Babylon we offer Bikram Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa and Inferno Hot Pilates. Vinyasa and Pilates are done at 95 degrees due to the fact that movement creates more heat. Try a class today and see your life change. Gain energy, detox, lose weight, de-stress, feel great and look amazing. Start healing your Body from the inside out. Come see the difference between our classes and other studios. The greatest gift you and give yourself if a happy and healthy life. By doing these classes you will bring your health in unison mind, body, and spirit.
Remember to dress appropriately, so no loose clothing, bring an open mind and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

ASH Hot Yoga Babylon, New York (AWAKEN, STRENGTHEN, HEAL) “A Healing Experience”