How Hot Yoga Can Help You Relieve Your Stress

Life can be super stressful. The stress can lead to lack of sleep, forgetfulness, and overeating. How can we relieve some of that stress? The answer is simpler than you may think. One of the biggest benefits of taking hot yoga classes is stress relief.

Hot bikram yoga is particularly useful for relieving stress. Let’s look at a few stress-free benefits of this type of hot yoga class.

Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Stop You From Binge Eating

When people are stressed, many of them will turn to binge eating. Binge eating involves eating as much as you can in one sitting, over and over again. Doctors say that the correlation between stress and cortisol impacts effective eating. This type of yoga can decrease the cortisol levels and act as an intervention for effective eating. Your mind won’t be focused on eating so much when you leave the studio following your hot yoga class.

Yoga Helps Make Falling Asleep Easier

Looking for the ultimate relaxation solution? Hot yoga is your answer. Sometimes when a person is stressed, they have a hard time falling asleep. Hot yoga has been associated with helping a person fall asleep quickly. It also allows you to clear your mind and look at life with serenity. Your body will be so relaxed that you won’t want to be awake!

Bikram Yoga Can Help Lower Psychological Distress and Aid with Other Mental Health Issues

Along with being helpful in terms of stress-relief, hot bikram yoga can help with a number of other mental health issues. In fact, a 2016 pilot study of “psychologically distressed” women, a medical term for stress, found that after only eight weeks of yoga instruction, female participants had lower levels of immune system biomarkers linked to stress levels. In other instances, yoga has been known to reduce emotional eating and increase DT. It also found that absorption, which is a component of the cognitive processing of distress, was positively impacted by yoga.

Yoga is not only good for the body, it’s clearly good for the mind as well. If you find yourself struggling with stress in any of the above forms, give hot bikram yoga a try!

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