Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Myths vs. Facts Top 10

Top 10 Most Common Myths about Bikram Hot Yoga Classes

Myth #1: I’m Not Flexible Enough

Feeling stiff and inflexible is one of the main reasons people decide to attend Bikram Hot Yoga classes in Babylon, NY. However, you’ll steadily become more flexible than you ever imagined possible over time.

Myth #2: Yoga Is Just For Women

Most Bikram Hot Yoga classes at Suffolk County studios like Ash Hot Yoga are now composed of 30% to 50% men. So while it may be true that most classes are majority women more and more men are finding the practice. They come to heal old injuries, rebuild cartilage and, at the same time, enjoy a wider range of health benefits. Doctors are finally prescribing yoga to men, giving them the opportunity to experience a much better pain free life.

Myth #3: Yoga Is Too Expensive

Most studios offer monthly specials for unlimited yoga classes and Pilates classes, reducing the average cost to about $8 per class. Yoga is not a splurge—it’s an investment in your health, fitness, and peace of mind. Thus for example if you skip that latte twice a week, you can start a consistent practice.

Myth #4: Hot Yoga Is TOO Hot!

Setting the heat at 105 degrees and 40% humidity provides major health benefits including: heals tissues, burns more calories, balances blood sugar and hormones, strengthens immune system, increases respiration, lung capacity and efficiency. The Heat also helps us release toxins to the surface of the skin, which is our largest organ and contrary to popular belief, Hot Yoga is not as hot as a sauna or hot tub.

Myth #5: Too Sick To Do Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga Classes heal you from the inside out when you practice it regularly. Yogis (practitioners of yoga) get sick less and hardly ever have chronic illnesses. The average yogi spends about 1% of income on health issues opposed to 26% or more for non-yogis.

Myth #6: Too Old To Do Yoga

You’re never too old to practice all beginner yoga postures. The regular practice of Bikram Hot Yoga reverses aging by building cartilage, increasing flexibility, lowering blood pressure, and delivering many other age-reversing, invigorating benefits. You’re never too old to practice all beginner yoga postures. The older you get, actually the better you will do.

Myth #7: Yoga Takes Too Much Time

You need to set aside 60-90 minutes for a class, so on one hand this is true however you will gain precious “me time” as you experience the “moving meditation” of Bikram Hot Yoga . The physical and mental benefits of yoga help you become a better parent, student, employee, son or daughter. So “Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time.”

Myth #8: Yoga Is a Religion

It has nothing to do with religion and is based on the science of mind-and-body connection. Even though the word yoga appeared in ancient Hindu books over 5000 years ago, yoga is now available to everyone. Practitioners get to enjoy optimal health when all systems begin to work in harmony. Yoga helps you achieve a joyous life-affirming state of mind and body.

Myth #9: You Can’t Lose Weight With Yoga

Even though the average person burns 600-1000 calories in a Bikram Hot Yoga session, the internal healing is more significant. By going through the sequence of postures, you are massaging your organs, and simultaneously improving the function of your thyroid, hormones, and other problems that have caused your weight gain. This is a very physical practice.

Myth #10: It’s Not as Effective as Other Types of Exercise

Yoga has profound positive effects on your health without causing injuries like other forms of exercise often do. Yoga builds strength and endurance while you perform smooth, flowing movements in safe positions that don’t cause harmful wear-and-tear on the body. Other types of exercise will leave you depleted but a yoga class gives you energy. So even though you are not pounding your joints, you will gain muscle tone, energy and work up a sweat unlike any other activity.

BONUS! Myth #11: It Doesn’t Help Anxiety

Yoga is a “moving meditation.” As you move silently through yoga postures and concentrate on your breathing, your mind relaxes and frees itself from the noise of the day. Yoga’s many emotional benefits are astonishing—ranging from less anxiety and better concentration to higher self-esteem and romantic relationships that are more fulfilling.

Ash Hot Yoga opened in Babylon, NY, Suffolk County with a mission to provide the community with professional Bikram hot yoga classes where people—young and old—come to learn yoga the right way and begin to heal their bodies from the inside out. Ash Hot Yoga is a clean and safe sanctuary where yoga students pursue their practice, make friends, and enjoy the expert guidance of Long Island’s best yoga teachers. Take advantage of the great Yoga deals going on right now at Ash Hot Yoga.


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