Yoga: I want to take my first hot yoga class.


  1. Yoga: Where do I start?

Yoga is about you. It is about spending time with yourself and taking care of yourself. So, find a place where you want to spend time. A place where you like the environment and the energy. The studio should have a good heating system and good supportive flooring.

  1. What equipment do I need?

Hot Yoga is practiced in a hot room and you are barefooted. You will need a towel, a mat, and water. It is important to keep hydrated and you must drink water before practice. Most studios will have all that you need, so you can just go with an open mind. Wear something close fitting and comfortable. Remember, your time is all about you, so don’t worry about what others might be wearing or what their bodies look like. Eventually, you will want to buy your own mat. There are many on the market. There is no need to buy expensive mat if your studio has good floors.

3. What if it is too hot?

At 105 degrees and 40% humidity, you won’t get too hot. A big part of the practice is learning how to breathe and being aware of your physiological functions. Your mind is more powerful than you know. This is a gentle healing practice. Take your time and listen to your body. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. It is normal to feel a little abnormal when you start spending time in the studio. Be patient with yourself.


  1. I am not really flexible. What if I can’t do the poses?


Again, this is all about you. Learning to be gentle with yourself takes time. Learning to let go takes time. Do the best you can. Every day will be different. Your body will tell you when you can take on more challenging poses. When you begin, try to take your first five classes in about 10 days. Most studios will have an introductory package for new students. Never be afraid to ask questions. Yoga teachers are there to help you on your journey.




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