Hot Yoga Deals, Babylon, NY, Suffolk County

Take advantage of the great Yoga deals going on right now at Ash Hot Yoga in Babylon, NY. Now you can add “big savings” to the long list of benefits of our Bikram Hot Yoga classes, Vinyasa Hot Yoga classes, and Inferno Hot Pilates classes. The biggest packages offer the lowest price-per-class savings.


2 Week Trial – Unlimited Yoga & Inferno Pilates Classes - $39

One Month Unlimited Intro - $79

10 Class Card Intro $69  

(10 class card expires 3 months after first visit)

Supercharge the health and fitness benefits of your workouts when you combine Yoga classes with Pilates classes. This special trial will help you decide if you want to pursue Yoga only, Pilates only, or both. Our 14-Day Trial invites you to take as many classes as you want for just $39.

5-Class Card - $90

Get started with our special 5-Class Card for any Yoga or Pilates classes and enjoy the low price of $18/class.

10-Class Card - $160

Ready for more savings? Choose our 10-class deal for just $160.

Monthly Unlimited - $170

Ash Hot Yoga in Suffolk County just made it easier and more economical to enjoy as many classes as you want in one month. Imagine how great you’ll feel when you attend 15, 20, or 30 Yoga and/or Pilates classes in 30 days. Our Monthly Unlimited Plan gives you the freedom to participate in as many classes as you desire.

Monthly Auto Debit - $149 (30-day cancellation)

Lower the Monthly Unlimited price of $170 down to $149 when you pay via automatic monthly deductions. 

Private Bikram 1 hour with Kelee - $100

This is recommended for anyone practicing over 3 months and ready to fine tune postures and their practice. Take your practice to the next level. Each class will be to discuss postures, make specific suggestions and encourage safer ways to practice for each student. This is a healing beginner practice and is all about healing. Small adjustments make all the difference. The goal is to practice this yoga for life. 

• 10% off student memberships (ID required at front desk) 
• 10% off seniors (ID required at front desk)

• Take your Practice to the next level with a Private session email:

Take Advantage of Ash Hot Yoga Deals at Babylon, NY’s premier Ash Hot Yoga studio.

I just wanted to tell you that I went to the doctor today for my lab results. He was impressed with my numbers, EKG, and blood pressure. I have high blood pressure, and it was the lowest I've had in years—117/80. He said, whatever you’re doing, keep it up! The only big change I can think of is Hot Yoga and your studio. Thank you! I do notice a change in myself and it's a positive one."

– Ingrid D. Archaga

Ash Hot Yoga Deals on these Classes in Babylon, NY

Our great deals apply to all our classes. It’s an exciting opportunity to elevate your workouts and maximize the healing benefits with a mixture of yoga and Pilates workouts.

Bikram Hot Yoga Classes

Our 90-minute Bikram Hot Yoga Classes feature a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures known as “Asanas” and two breathing exercises. Performed in a warmer 105-degree exercise room, you’ll enjoy the maximum benefits of yoga in a heated environment. 

Inferno Hot Pilates Classes

Our 60-minute Inferno Hot Pilates Classes feature a low-impact, high-intensity workout in an 95-degree exercise room performed to energetic, motivating music. 

Vinyasa Hot Yoga Classes

Our Vinyasa Hot Yoga Classes are typically 60 minutes long, performed in a 95-degree exercise room. Vinyasa postures are performed in a flowing, intuitive sequence and are combined with breath coordination.

Hot Yoga Express

Hot Yoga Classes are Bikram flow but not every posture is done twice. Ash hot yoga express classes are designed in the same order so practitioners can receive maximum benefits in 60 mins. This format is unique to our studio and loved by Bikram Yogis who find other 60 min classes unfulfilling. 

Choose Your Ash Hot Yoga Deal in Suffolk County, NY 

Then get ready for your first class at Ash Hot Yoga, Babylon, NY. Our comfortable state-of-the-art environment and caring instructors will make sure you enjoy your first workout. Check our Schedule of Classes. Our brief Beginners Guide will help you prepare for your first class.

Let the Healing Begin. Namaste!